Chris Greiner

Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
"Chris Greiner, a certified Mechanical Keyboard Expert, has been involved in the industry for over 15 years. He has a solid educational background with dual bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Business Management from Lewis University. His additional certification in Mechanical Keyboard Manufacturing and Design showcases his dedication to staying at the forefront of keyboard technology. He has a firm grasp of the technical aspects of mechanical keyboards, such as PCB design, soldering, firmware customization, switch modification, and more."

About Pinstack


Welcome to Pinstack, a leading online media platform that delves deep into the world of mechanical keyboards. As passionate keyboard enthusiasts, we know the realms of mechanical keyboards like the backs of our hands. With Meticulous in-depth reviews, unbiased advice, and the latest news on ergonomic products, Pinstack is designed to guide users - from casual typists to avid gamers, in creating a perfect, more comfortable work or gaming space.

Mission Statement

At Pinstack, we hold a clearly etched mission. We aim to transcend the boundaries between theory and practice offering practical, real-world insights in an industry saturated with technical jargon. With each comprehensive guide, hands-on review, open-source project, or DIY initiative, we strive to help our readers cut through the noise and make informed decisions about the perfect mechanical keyboard that matches their unique needs and preferences.

Our Story

The inception of Pinstack is a tale of personal resilience, shared passion, and constant innovation. It all started with Chris, the founder, who encountered several wrist injuries related to extended periods of keyboard usage back in 2005. At that time, he was deeply involved in the e-commerce business, selling, and manufacturing monitor arms.
As his wrist injuries exacerbated, limiting his productivity substantially, Chris decided to find a solution. That's when he came across mechanical keyboards and their potential benefits for better comfort and increased efficiency during long hours of work or play. Intrigued and hopeful, he ventured deeper into the realm of mechanical keyboards, buying and trying out different models. Each keyboard, although useful, lacked something. This led Chris to customize his keyboard, incorporating beneficial features of various keyboards he had tried earlier.
It was during this experimentation phase that Chris found himself connecting deeply with the mechanical keyboard community. Noticing the shared concerns among users, he co-founded Cloud Nine Ergo keyboard, leveraging his personal experiences and valuable input from the community. This keyboard was aimed at providing a perfect balance between comfort, functionality and design based on user feedback and requirements.
However, launching Cloud Nine was just the beginning. Chris realized that like him, numerous others were in search of guidance, accurate information and honest reviews. He understood the struggle of being misinformed, the frustrating feeling of being scammed and failing to resolve health issues.
This understanding gave birth to Pinstack, an authentic platform built on the foundation of trust, transparency and a shared love for mechanical keyboards. Since its inception, Pinstack has grown and evolved, thanks to collaborations with other keyboard enthusiasts, innovative ideas in the industry and an unwavering commitment to provide true, helpful insights to its readers.
Today, Pinstack continues to be a platform for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, where everyone has something of value to offer, and everyone is welcome to benefit from these shared experiences and expertise.

Who We Are

Pinstack is led by Chris, our Editor-in-Chief, who brings his vast expertise and experience in the mechanical keyboard industry. Holding a certification in Mechanical Keyboard Manufacturing and Design, Chris applies expert-level scrutiny to every product we review. His commitment to editorial integrity shapes the guiding principles of Pinstack, where we prioritize authenticity, accuracy, and transparency in our communications.

Our Responsibility

We understand that with great influence comes great responsibility. Our affiliate marketing practices are completely transparent, and product reviews are strictly based on our actual experiences. Beyond this, as a part of our pledge to the community and world, we partner with environmentally responsible brands and uphold practices that contribute to a sustainable future. We welcome our readers to join us in our efforts — sharing their own stories of ethical practices or tips on environmental conservation.

Connect With Us

Pinstack is more than just a blog — it is a community. We believe our readers play a crucial role in our growth. We welcome and encourage you to interact with us — suggest products for review, share your experiences, or just drop your comments—we value them all! Follow us across our social media platforms for the latest news, updates, and reviews. Together, we learn, grow, and contribute towards making an online space more productive, interactive, and enjoyable.


Pinstack is a dedicated online media platform focusing on selling and reviewing mechanical keyboards. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive reviews, in-depth guides, and much more. With our active presence on YouTube and our website, we strive to deliver top-quality content across multiple platforms, aiming to bring the best to our audience.
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