Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard Review

February 5, 2022

Considering the keyboard a simple peripheral to let you interface with your computer is like saying baseball is a game played with a ball and bat. That’s why old, classic keyboards are uncomfortable to use in the long run, lack features, and don’t do anything to enhance your efficiency.

Do you want a better keyboard? One that encourages healthy typing posture? A keyboard that you can adjust to fit your typing position? A peripheral that improves all aspects of your typing or gaming?

Then the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard may be the right one for you. This unique mechanical keyboard splits in half so you can position the peripheral any way you want. The omission of the numeric keypad makes the keyboard ideal for small desk spaces.

Let’s see if the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard is for you through this tenkeyless keyboard review.

What is a “Tenkeyless” or TKL keyboard

A tenkeyless is a type of QWERTY keyboard that lacks a 10-key numeric keypad, which is normally found on the right side of a standard keyboard (thus the name “tenkeyless). Tenkeyless keyboards may be made of mechanical switches or membrane switches.

Tenkeyless keyboards are preferred by gamers since they take up less room on a game station. Those who work on smaller workstations or those who don’t need to frequently use the numeric keypad may also want to use a tenkeyless keyboard to conserve space.

Product Features

The Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard is a multi-functional tenkeyless keyboard that is engineered to fit any user’s typing style and purpose.

Here are some of its most prominent features:

Ergonomic design
can be split into two halves
magnetic snaps for secure joining of the two halves
0, 4, or 7-degree tenting
thick and soft palm rests
Cherry MX mechanical switches (3 different models to choose from)
backlit with RGB LED lights
19 built-in lighting patterns
more RGB LED
customization options using the Cloud 9 App
with an extra USB port
built-in smart wheel for volume control
includes hotkeys and macros
package includes extra key caps, key cap puller, braided linking cable, braided PC cable, hot key card

How We Tested the Keyboard

For this tenkeyless keyboard review, we selected a Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches. The connection to our HP PC was done using the cables in the package. We used a small workplace cubicle for our testing venue; we want to determine the minimum amount of space needed for using the keyboard comfortably.

To test the C959 TKL Keyboard’s operations and feel, we copied a few pages of an unedited manuscript. We typed with both halves fused and separated. We also played a Call of Duty video game to see if it’s a good keyboard for gamers.

Finally, to check the quality of the RGB LED lights, we dimmed the lights of the office.

Pros and Cons

We listed down the merits and demerits of using the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard.

The design is compact, allowing you to fit the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL in workstations or game stations with limited space.
Unlike standard tenkeyless keyboards, the split design makes the keyboard incredibly ergonomic. You can type at your most comfortable position. You can position the keyboard halves so that you’re typing with your arms at shoulder width; no more cramping of wrists. Your wrists are naturally and properly aligned.
Unlike other split keyboards, the magnetic snaps of the C959 allow the keyboard halves to be joined together quickly and easily.Fat palm cushions combined with the negative tilt allows you to type naturally with your palms at rest.
Because the keyboard can be split, you can put peripherals---for example, a mouse---in the middle. Attaching peripherals with short cables isn’t a problem thanks to the convenient USB port.
The Cherry MX Red switches allow faster, smoother, and quieter typing without sacrificing accuracy. Anti-ghosting feature allows you to press and register up to 10 simultaneous key presses.
The C959 TKL Keyboard is customizable to your use. For example, you can deactivate the Windows key to switch to gaming mode. Up to 4 macros can be customized and assigned to the M keys to enhance productivity, boost efficiency, and program complex executions. Finally, the keyboard has dedicated hotkeys for CUT, COPY, PASTE, and SELECT ALL functionalities, allowing faster and uninterrupted typing.
The central smart wheel makes it convenient for you to control the volume of your videos and audio files. Most standard tenkeyless keyboards do not have this feature.
The customizable RGB LED lights to make using the keyboard fun and interesting, making it more interactive and thematic. This is especially true when using the keyboard to play computer games.  You can further customize the lights using the Cloud 9 app in addition to the 19 built-in pattern
The design is compact, allowing you to fit the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL in workstations or game stations with limited space.
Typing on two separate keyboard halves is unusual, especially if you’re used to typing on standard keyboards. It takes some time to get used to typing in such a position.
People who need to work on numbers will find the tenkeyless Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard very awkward and inconvenient. They might want to invest in a separate numeric keyboard that could be attached to the USB port.
The split design necessitates extra cables to connect the two halves together; this is in addition to the to-PC cable. This can create clutter in your work/game area.
It’s more expensive compared to other standard or split type keyboards due to its features, mechanical keys, RGB lighting, and programmability.

Recommendation and Final Conclusion

With this tenkeyless keyboard review, the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard is definitely a good product for those with ergonomics, comfort, and small-space utilization in mind. The split design along with the negative tilt allows comfortable typing and encourages healthy posture.
Because it’s a mechanical keyboard, the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard is more durable than most standard membrane keyboards, giving you more bang for your buck.
Cherry MX mechanical keys allow fast, responsive, and accurate typing. Programmable RGB backlighting adds aesthetics and increases the degree of immersion as you use the keyboard.
Because of these features, the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard is ideal for gamers, developers, writers, designers and other professionals.
The lack of the numeric keypad makes the keyboard ill-suited for number-centric work such as accounting, bookkeeping, and numeric encoding. Due to its split design, people who are used to typing on standard keyboards might find this product uncomfortable to use at first.
Notwithstanding these minor disadvantages, the Cloud 9 Ergo TKL Ergonomic Split Keyboard is a highly recommended peripheral for better and healthier typing.

Chris Greiner, a Mechanical Keyboard specialist, boasts a solid educational background with dual bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Business Management from Lewis University. His additional certification in Mechanical Keyboard Design showcases his dedication to staying on the forefront of keyboard technology. Chris primarily writes for keyboard enthusiasts and has been featured on platforms like Jestik, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the mechanical keyboard community.
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