Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk Converter Updated, 2023 Review: Can Standing While Working Really Help?

April 10, 2023

There are various standing desks in the market, but we think the Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk is one that is worth investing in. Manufactured by Ergotron, a leading ergonomic accessories provider, the Workfit-A has garnered great reviews from users.

Our job is to help you find out if this is a standing desk that works for your needs. So, our team spent some time working a full work day on the WorkFit-A to give you a comprehensive review of its pros, cons and to tell you firsthand if working while standing really helps.





Fully-customizable with a wide range of motion, the Workfit-A is hands-down everything you need for a collaborative, healthy work-day. Once installed and ready, you can practically swing this sit-stand workstation based on what you need at that very moment: whether you're focused on completing a project or if you need to launch a presentation, the Ergotron Workfit-A may just be what you you’re looking for if you want to upgrade your workspace. See our detailed review below and find out if this is the sit-stand desk for you.



  • Solid build
  • True ergonomic design
  • Highly-customizable
  • Smooth, easy adjustment
  • Features built-in wire management system
  • Industry-leading, comprehensive 5-year warranty



Manufacturer Information

Aptly calling themselves a “movement company”, Ergotron’s founder Harry Sweere is among the pioneers of ergonomic office accessories. Developing patented technologies such as  the LiFeKinnex®, PowerShuttle® and Constant Force™. They were also among the first to earn patents for some of today’s ergonomic favorites: tilt stands, mounting arms and desk stands. For sure, if you are investing in an Ergotron product, you are investing in years of expertise and innovation.

Ergotron COVID-19 Resources

Ergotron puts a premium on workplace safety and health at all times. If you would like to know more about Ergotron’s programs and efforts to minimize transmission of COVID-19, click here. You can find cleaning tips, support information and other resources that will help you work safely whether remotely or at your office

Product Specs & Features


VESA monitor mount
Single or Dual Monitors
Overall Weight Capacity: 25 lbs.
Work Surface Weight Limit: 5 lbs.
Keyboard Tray Weight Limit: 2 lbs.
Light Duty Monitor Weight Limit: 0 – 10 lbs. each
Heavy Duty Monitor Weight Limit: 10 – 20 lbs. each
Unit Weight: 45 lbs.
Maximum Monitor Size: 27” Single, 24” Dual
Overall Dimensions at Lowest Height: 27”W x 39”D x 18”H
Overall Dimensions at Highest Height: 27”W x 44”D x 37”H
Work Surface Dimensions: 22.5”W x 9.75”D
Work Surface at Lowest Height: 2”
Work Surface at Highest Height: 20.75”
Keyboard Tray Dimensions: 27”W x 10”D
Keyboard Tray Lowest Height: -3.5”
Keyboard Tray Highest Height: 15.5”
Distance from Work Surface to Keyboard Tray: 5.75”
Center of Monitor Mount at Lowest Height: 8.5”H
Center of Monitor Mount at Highest Height: 32.5”H
Monitor adjustment range: 5”
Crossbar for Dual Monitors: 29”W
Distance from Monitor to Front of Keyboard Tray: 19”
Clamp attaches to desks .78”-2.6” thick
Made In China


Versatile fit
Designed to accommodate a wide range of users with a 20" (51 cm) lift range

Personalized view
Offers an extra 5" (13 cm) of independent monitor height adjustment

Quick collaboration
Flexible arm design makes screen-sharing easy for group work

Extra workspace
Complementary work surface keeps your tablet, smartphone or notes nearby

Stay organized
Cable management controls the cable chaos for a neat workspace

Flexible installation
Choose between multiple install options to best fit your space

Current Price

$590 retail price from Ergotron Store

Reseller prices may vary.


The price included in this article is the price of the product as of this article’s publish date. Prices may change without prior notice.

Available Colors


Shipping Policy

Ergotron provides free, same-day shipping for orders over $50. Take note, however, that this doesn't usually mean that it arrives on the same day. Our team received our Workfit-A about 48 hours after.

If you'd like to avail of their free, same-day shipping option, take note of the following:

  • This is not available for Hawaii and Alaska
  • This is not available on holidays
  • This is only applicable for orders processed by 3PM EST (Monday to Friday)
  • Valid for standard, ground delivery only
  • Not valid in combination with other offers.

You can find Ergotron’s general shipping information here.

Please note if you purchase from a reseller, their shipping policies may vary.

Returns Policy

Ergotron offers risk-free returns. To avoid any misinterpretations, here are the steps outlined by their team if you are unhappy with your item and want to return it.

1. Contact us via email ([email protected]) within 30 days of delivery to return your item(s) (“Return Period”). During this Return Period, our Customer Service team will respond with authorization and instructions for returning your item(s). Please include your Order ID and reason for your return for documentation purposes.

2. For a full refund, the product needs to be in resalable condition. Your refund will be credited back to the original method of payment in the amount of your original purchase price. Typically, any approved refund will show up on your credit/debit card within three (3) business days after the refund is issued.

3. Any shipping fees paid by you, including expedited services or services to the non-contiguous U.S., are non-refundable.

If you run into any problems, feel free to call our Customer Service team at 844-431-1977.

For damaged or defective products, Ergotron has specific return policies. You can find the info you need here.

Warranty Information

Ergotron’s industry-leading, fully-inclusive warranty covers the WorkFit-A for a full five years. You can find their updated warranty information here.

Product Details


The Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk is designed around the concept of a computer monitor arm. But rather than just a mechanism that allows you to move your monitor around, it has an added platform for your keyboard. It also has a secondary platform called a “task space” for an additional workspace.

Build-wise,the desk is incredibly stable and strong thanks to top-quality plastic and metal components. Plastic casings cover and protect the inner mechanisms of the stand converter. The WorkFit-A doesn’t have any part that obstructs the desk.

Nor does it produce weird squeaks and other noises.

Desk Footprint

The Ergotron Standing Desk doesn’t have a huge footprint, which means it only takes a small amount of space on your table. In fact, when you’re standing, the only thing that touches the table is the clamp at the back of your seat.

When you sit down, the secondary platform rests on your desk surface while the keyboard tray is positioned a little lower. This offers you a relaxed and ergonomic typing position.


Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk is incredibly customizable thanks to 10 individual points of adjustment. First, you can adjust the height of the monitor. This adjustment is tension controlled, so you may have to use a little bit of force push or pull the monitor arm. Second, you can rotate the monitor component 360 degrees and pan 180 degrees. This allows you to position your monitor wherever you want.

Two more adjustment points are found on the joint of the second arm that connects to the frame where the monitor and the keyboard tray are attached. With these adjustment points, you can swivel the entire front assembly from side to side, which enables you to alter your working angle depending on where you want to face.

Other adjustment points allow you to tilt the keyboard tray so you can work on a natural negative tilt, or you can fold it all the way to stow it.


Moving the Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk requires some effort. If you install 2 monitors on the monitor arm, it will weigh around a hefty 70 pounds. That means you can’t easily move it from one table to another. If you’re doing it alone, you need to slide the monitors off before you can disengage the clamp. Of course, enlisting the help of a second person makes it easier.

Desktop mobility though is a more positive point. Because of its numerous pints of adjustments, you can position all components of the converter to an infinite number of combinations and positions. In fact, you can even swing the entire assembly around itself so you can work at the side or back of your desk!


Here’s another aspect that the Ergotron Standing Desk Converter excels. Because the height and angles of the monitor and keyboard tray are completely adjustable and independent of each other, you can customize the system according to your most natural typing position.

When you’re sitting, the keyboard tray actually goes under the desk. This is actually good because it brings your upper limbs closer to your body. In addition, by lowering the keyboard, you don’t have to type with your wrists too far up, which causes unnecessary strain. The lowered keyboard brings your arms towards your Neutral Reach Zone, an area where you won’t feel any strain on your forearm.

As mentioned earlier, the keyboard tray can be tilted so it can be oriented with a negative tilt, or facing downward. This is the healthiest and most natural position of your wrists; the downward position doesn’t add additional stress to your muscles and tendons.

Task Space

When the Ergotron Standing Desk Converter is folded for a sitting position, the task space, an additional tray above the keyboard tray covers the desk. This “replaces” the desk space that it takes up.

The task space gives you a limited space of 1.5 square feet. However, it is spacious enough to put some important objects such as your phone, notepad, calculator, a pen or two, and other office stuff.

Keyboard Space

At 27 X 10 inches, the keyboard tray is large enough to hold a full-size, or even oversized, keyboard and a mouse close to each other. That’s because the closer these devices are, the more your upper limbs are inside your Neutral Reach Zone. It doesn’t have side walls or front plates to maximize space---just be careful where you place or move your mouse. In addition, the tray has a slight curved edge to keep your keyboard and mouse from sliding off the tray when you place it on a negative tilt.

The tray is made of sturdy plastic and reinforced with a metal under-slide to add rigidity and stability.

Wire Management

Like all other Ergotron products, the WorkFit-A Standing Desk features an in-built cable management system. Channels and clips secure cables under the arm then to the back side then finally off your desk’s back. The package also includes zip ties so you can bundle cables together. The result is a neat, no-mess table.


The design of the Ergotron WorkFit-A Desk Converter makes stability a little bit of a concern. A lot of weight, mostly from mono or duo monitors, is placed on the extended arm. But without some sort of a brace to augment the arm, the component has a tendency to shake and bounce once you type.

You can minimize the bounce by tightening the tension. But by doing so, you will also reduce the customizability of the converter. Constantly tweaking the adjustable Ergotron WorkFit-A can be a nuisance if you’re not patient enough so you should consider the extended warranty.

The bounce is considerably noticeable, especially when posed in the standing position. That’s because there’s no brace to absorb the movement. The movement “waves” goes up to the monitors as they are all connected via the mechanical arm. So as you type, the monitors will also bounce even though they are mounted on very strong brackets.

Make no mistake though. The entire assembly is very sturdy, and there’s no need to be afraid of the whole assembly collapsing.


Setting up the Ergotron Desk Converter is relatively complex due to two factors. First, there is an abundance of moving parts that need to be assembled with multiple screws. Two, you need to customize the adjustments due to different tension options. Meaning, you need to “fine tune” the adjustment points while you’re assembling the product.

To assemble the WorkFit-A, you need a Phillips screwdriver as well as a 1/4 inch socket wrench. Although Ergotron includes the socket in the package, you need to acquire a wrench. Due to the complexity of the assembly as well as the weight of the entire system, it is advisable that you ask the help of a second person to set up your unit.

The assembly instructions, however, are clear. All parts and hardware pieces are clearly labeled so you don’t have to laboriously navigate as to which part goes where.

Overall, it took our team about an hour to complete installation. If you need professional installation services, you can check here.

Benefits of Standing While Working

Why not just sit down and avoid all these hassles of setting up your desk stand converter? Well, it’s all about science and your health. Medical studies show that staying far too long in a sitting position puts you at risk of acquiring many ailments including heart disease, diabetes, body aches, spine problems, and altogether a shorter life expectancy. But if you stand while working, even for half an hour at a time, you will gain a lot of positive impact on your body.

  • Lessens back painYou put the bulk of your body weight on your lumbar area when you sit down. By staying on your feet, you take off a lot of the strain off your back. Spending a little over an hour per work day standing on your feet reduces your back and neck pain by 54%.
  • Reduces your risk of heart diseaseA sedentary lifestyle, which includes sitting down at prolonged hours, is linked to a 90% increase in cardiovascular ailments. Working at a desk standing up significantly reduces this risk. That’s because being on your feet up is considered a “mini” exercise in itself.
  • Burn more caloriesBy staying on your feet, you burn an extra 50 calories per hour. So if you’re standing 3 hours each work day, you’ll be burning 750 calories a week. And you know that by burning calories, you maintain a healthy weight.
  • Boost productivityBecause you don’t suffer any body pain while standing up, you can focus better on what you’re doing. Studies have shown that standing up actually improves concentration, efficiency, and productivity at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ergoton Standing Desk Converter sturdy?

Yes. The components used in the construction of the product are top-quality. All the adjustment points are reinforced. In fact, when the converter is assembled in its entirety, it looks and feels very strong. Even if the converter does shake when you type on it, it doesn’t fall apart.

Does the Ergoton Standing Desk Converter have adjustment controls?

No, there are no buttons or levers. You only need to grab what you need to adjust and move it. Everything is controlled by tension, and that’s what makes the converter incredibly easy to use. The tension also enables the assembly to lock in position without the need of a locking mechanism.


The Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk Converter makes sure you’re doing balancing between sitting and standing perfectly and comfortably.

This impressive product is easily and unbelievably customizable, allowing a huge variety of people to use that stand workstation. Your posture, work style, or height doesn’t matter because you can fully adjust all elements of the converter to suit your requirements. From the height of the monitors to the angle of the keyboard tray, you can tailor it all.

The tension control system makes these adjustments very easy to do. No need for knobs, levers, and switches. The absence of these moveable control systems, which are usually susceptible to breakdown or damage, also means that the Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk Converter lasts longer than most other competitor brands or models.

Are you ready to take a healthy stand in your workplace? Install an Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk Converter in your stand workstation today!



This article provides general information of a featured product. It should not be used as a basis for self-diagnosis and self-treatment. If you’re experiencing body pains, stress, and other symptoms of a possible ailment, please consult a medical professional as soon as possible.

Erickson, a certified Interior Designer and Ergonomist, has cultivated a unique career blending aesthetics, functionality, and well-being. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Interior Designfrom a prestigious institution, Erickson is well-versed in creating spaces that are both visually pleasing and conducive to human comfort and health.
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