Glorious Panda Switches vs Drop Holy Panda Switches: Which One Will You Choose

October 24, 2023

Hey, keyboard enthusiasts! Ever found yourself deep in the keyboard rabbit hole, geeking out over switches? Well, you're not alone. In the left corner, we've got the Glorious Pandas, and in the right, the Drop Holy Pandas. It's the showdown everyone's been chattering about. Both of these switches have been making waves in the mech keyboard world, and for good reason!

So, if you've been scratching your head, wondering which of these bad boys to pop onto your board, you're in for a treat. Let's take a closer look, have some fun, and figure out which switch reigns supreme in this tactile tussle. 

What are Glorious Pandas: Unveiling the Glory

While you might be familiar with the Holy Panda, the Glorious Panda is its more affordable cousin, renowned for its distinctive tactile feel and unique colorway. With a price tag that's easier on the wallet, Glorious Pandas deliver an extraordinary typing experience that's tactile, satisfying, and uniquely their own.

Type: tactile mechanical keyboard switch
Actuation Force: 67 grams (cN) of force
Feedback: pronounced tactile bump
Key Travel: 4mm
Pre-Travel: 2mm
Spring: 67 grams with nickel plating
Leaf: premium grade copper
Stem: POM material, designed to be compatible with keycaps that have a Cherry MX stem design.
Housing Material: translucent polycarbonate plastic material
Bottom Shell: 3-pin, plate-mounted system using the original INVYR tooling using premium Nylon PA66
Lubrication: lubed or unlubed

What are Drop Holy Pandas: A Heavenly Choice

You've likely come across the Drop + Invyr Holy Pandas, a beloved classic renowned for their smoothness and satisfying tactility. Built on years of fine-tuning, Drop Holy Pandas represent the history and lineage of the switch, offering a unique typing experience that's hard to replicate.

Type: tactile mechanical keyboard switch
Actuation Force: Approximately 67 grams to 78 (cN) of force
Feedback: tactile bump
Key Travel: 4mm
Pre-Travel: 2mm
Spring: 67 grams with nickel plating
Leaf: premium grade copper
Stem: salmon color, SMD and through-hole. Compatible with Cherry MX keycaps
Housing Material: ivory polycarbonate plastic material
Bottom Shell: 3-pin, plate-mounted system with Nylon bottom housing
Lubrication: unlubed

The Showdown: Glorious Pandas vs. Drop Holy Pandas

Let's get into the meat of the issue. Let's compare the characteristics of these switches. This is the information you'll need to decide which one is truly the switch for you.

Actuation Force

The actuation force of both the Glorious Panda and Drop Holy Panda switches is in the same general range, typically falling within the moderate actuation force category. 

Glorious Panda Switches

  • Actuation Force: Approximately 67 grams (cN)

Drop Holy Panda Switches

  • Actuation Force: Approximately 67 to 78 grams (cN)

The actuation force of Drop Holy Pandas has a slightly higher actuation force than Glorious Pandas, requiring a slightly heavier key press. 

Some users may prefer the more consistent actuation force of Glorious Pandas, while others might appreciate the slightly higher actuation force range of Drop Holy Pandas for a more pronounced tactile feel. 

Tactile feedback

Glorious Panda switches are known for providing a tactile bump that is noticeable but not overly aggressive. The bump is generally described as moderately tactile, offering satisfying and distinct feedback when the key is actuated. This tactile feedback is crisp and well-defined, making it a good choice for users who prefer a tactile but not too sharp bump.

 Drop Holy Pandas produce a more pronounced and crisp tactile bump. The tactile feedback and typing feel is generally considered to be one of the standout features of these switches. The bump is often described as very noticeable and satisfying, providing an excellent tactile experience for users who appreciate a more prominent and distinct bump when typing.

Noise level

Glorious Pandas have a relatively quiet sound profile. While they do produce some noise when pressed, it is generally less pronounced and quieter compared to some other mechanical switches. This makes them suitable for use in quieter work environments where noise might be a concern.

In contrast, Drop Holy Pandas, in contrast, produce a more audible typing sound. They are known for having a tactile and pronounced click sound when the keypress actuates. While this can provide satisfying auditory feedback to some users, it can be louder and more noticeable, which may not be ideal for extremely quiet or shared workspaces.


Glorious Pandas are known for having a relatively quiet sound profile. They produce a softer, less pronounced typing sound compared to some other mechanical switches. The sound when typing on Glorious Pandas is generally less audible and can be described as milder.

Drop Holy Pandas are known for their tactile and audible typing sound. They produce a more pronounced and distinct click sound when the keypress actuates. This click sound is often described as satisfying and crisp, making it ideal for users who enjoy a louder and more pronounced auditory feedback.


Glorious Pandas are designed with a focus on providing a reliable and durable switch. They are made with quality materials to ensure a long lifespan, and users have reported good durability and consistency.

Drop Holy Pandas are a collaboration between Drop and Input Club, both reputable entities in the mechanical keyboard community. They are typically made with high-quality materials to ensure durability.


Both switches offer a good level of customizability when it comes to keycap compatibility, lubing, and spring swaps.

Glorious Panda switches have a standard stem design compatible with keycaps that use the Cherry MX-style stem. This means you can easily find a wide variety of keycap sets in different profiles, colors, and materials to customize the look and feel of your keyboard.

Although lubed options are available, you can apply lubricant to Glorious Panda switches if you want to modify their feel. Lubing can reduce friction and create a smoother keystroke, but the extent of customization may depend on your lubing skills.

You can also customize the actuation force by swapping the springs inside Glorious Panda switches with springs of different weights. This can adjust the keypress resistance to your preference.

Drop Holy Panda switches share the same Cherry MX-style stem compatibility, making them suitable for a wide range of keycap options, including various profiles, colors, and materials.

Drop Holy Pandas can be lubed for a smoother and quieter typing experience. Lubing can help reduce friction and enhance the overall feel of the switches, allowing for customization of the tactile and auditory aspects.

Like Glorious Pandas, you can perform spring swaps on Drop Holy Panda switches to adjust the actuation force to your preference.


Glorious Panda switches are typically sold by Glorious directly on their official website and other retailers. The price may vary depending on the quantity you purchase. But as a rough estimate, Glorious Pandas were available in the range of $0.75 to $0.80 per switch for individual purchases. Bulk purchases or group buys might offer lower prices per switch.

Drop Holy Pandas are typically available for purchase through Drop's official website and other retailers as well. The price of Drop Holy Pandas can vary depending on factors like batch, availability, and any ongoing promotions or sales. They are generally in the range of $1.20 to $1.50 per switch for individual purchases. Group buys or larger quantities might offer discounts.


Glorious Pandas are typically sold directly by Glorious on their official website. The availability of Glorious Panda switches may be relatively consistent due to them being sold by the manufacturer itself. However, it can still vary based on demand and batch releases.

Drop Holy Pandas are sold by Drop (formerly known as Massdrop) on their official website. The availability of Drop Holy Pandas might vary more compared to Glorious Pandas. These switches have been produced in batches, and availability can be influenced by when Drop decides to run a batch production.

Use Cases

Glorious Panda switches are broad and versatile, making them suitable for various tasks, particularly in quiet environments. On the other hand, Drop Holy Pandas are tailored to users who specifically value a pronounced tactile and auditory typing experience, making them suitable for gaming and for those who enjoy the feedback and sound of their keypresses.

Glorious Panda Switches

  1. Typing: Glorious Panda switches are well-suited for general typing tasks. They provide a moderate level of tactile feedback, making them comfortable for extended typing sessions. The relatively quiet sound profile can be less disruptive in quieter work environments.
  2. Programming and Office Work: Glorious Pandas are versatile switches that work well for programming and office tasks. The tactile bump can aid in precise typing, and the quieter sound is beneficial in shared workspaces.
  3. Quiet Environments: Due to their relatively quiet sound profile, Glorious Pandas are a good choice for those who work in quiet environments or share their workspace with others.

Drop Holy Panda Switches

  1. Typing: Drop Holy Pandas are known for their highly tactile feedback and distinct sound profile. They are a great choice for users who enjoy a tactile and auditory typing experience, making them ideal for enthusiasts who want to feel and hear every keypress.
  2. Gaming: The pronounced tactile feedback of Drop Holy Pandas can be advantageous in PC gaming, especially for games that require rapid and precise keypresses. Gamers who appreciate the tactile feel and sound may find these switches appealing.
  3. Typing Enthusiasts: Drop Holy Pandas are often sought after by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who prioritize tactile feedback and enjoy the audible click sound. They are ideal for those who want a more pronounced typing experience.
  4. Users Who Prefer Auditory Feedback: If you enjoy the auditory feedback of mechanical keyboards and want to hear a distinct click with each keypress, Drop Holy Pandas is a great choice.

Drop Holy Panda and Glorious Panda Switches: Making Your Decision

Deciding between Glorious Pandas and Drop Holy Pandas involves considering your specific preferences and needs for a mechanical keyboard switch. 

  1. Typing Preference
    • Consider whether you prefer a more pronounced and intense tactile feel (Drop Holy Pandas) or a moderate tactile feel (Glorious Pandas). Think about the level of tactile feedback you find most comfortable and enjoyable.
  2. Sound Preference
    • Decide whether you appreciate a quieter typing experience (Glorious Pandas) or if you enjoy the sound of a click (Drop Holy Pandas). Sound can be a significant factor for some users.
  3. Typing Environment
    • If you share a workspace with others or need a quieter keyboard, Glorious Pandas may be more suitable. If noise is not a concern, you might lean toward Drop Holy Pandas.
  4. Task Specificity
    • Consider your primary use case for the keyboard. Are you typing, gaming, or doing a combination of tasks? Certain tasks may benefit from specific switch characteristics.
  5. Customization
    • Think about whether you're interested in customizing your switches. Both Glorious Pandas and Drop Holy Pandas can be lubed and spring-swapped, but the level of customization might vary between them.
  6. Risk Tolerance
    • Be aware that trying different switches involves some level of risk. If you're open to experimentation, you can always swap out switches later if you find that your initial choice isn't ideal.


So, will it be the Glorious Pandas or the Drop Holy Pandas? It's a tough call, right?

In the end, it's all about what resonates with you. Are you aiming for the smooth, satisfying tactility of the Holy Pandas, or do you prefer the affordable yet quality performance of the Glorious Pandas?

There's no wrong choice here. It's your keyboard, your typing experience. Choose the switch that makes every keystroke a joy.

Chris Greiner, a Mechanical Keyboard specialist, boasts a solid educational background with dual bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Business Management from Lewis University. His additional certification in Mechanical Keyboard Design showcases his dedication to staying on the forefront of keyboard technology. Chris primarily writes for keyboard enthusiasts and has been featured on platforms like Jestik, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the mechanical keyboard community.
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