Humanscale FM500 Footrest & Foot Rocker Complete 2021 Review

Oftentimes, certain equipment may not seem as important at first glance, until you use it. A footrest is an excellent example of that. A good footrest can do wonders for your posture while you are sitting down, and the Humanscale FM500 is a fantastic, award-winning product that offers a superb design for everyone. 

We took the initiative to test the Humanscale FM500 ourselves and give you this full review. Our goal is to help you make an informed buying decision but, more importantly, to help give you a productive, healthier work day.



Humanscale FM500 Footrest Quick Preview


A beautifully-designed foot rocker that encourages circulation on your lower legs while you’re working, the Humanscale FM500 footrest helps provide relief for hours of inactive sitting. Honestly, it is a hands-down amazing product to use to help combat problems related to static work positions such as prolonged sitting or standing. It’s sturdy construction and lifetime warranty are great bonuses to this product, too. Why not try it for yourself? But first, check out our full, honest review below.



Manufacturer Information

Known worldwide for their highly-rated and award-winning Freedom Task Chair designed by ergonomics expert Niels Diffrient, Humanscale has solidified its place as an innovative leader in the ergonomics industry. The company was founded by Bob King in 1983 and has since then produced ergonomic tools and products that adapt to the natural comfort of the user. Today, you can find Humanscale in 28 countries and their products have been featured in popular TV shows and films such as The Bourne Ultimatum, Mission: Impossible III, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Newsroom, New Girl, and 24.

Product Specs & Features


Dimensions: 16.75” W x 12.25” D x 4.5” H


Features & Benefits

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Shipping Policy

Ships in 2 business days within the United States. Per Humanscale’s website, shipping details are found in their Terms & Conditions page.

Returns Policy

Per Humanscale’s website, information and specific policies regarding returns  found are found in their Terms & Conditions page.

Warranty Information

Per Humanscale’s website, information and specific policies regarding the  FM500’s lifetime warranty are found in their Terms & Conditions page.

For specific questions, contact Humanscale.

Product Details

Design & Ergonomics

When you look at it for the first time, you can already tell that it is unique. Unlike the majority of footrests that have a flat and solid base, the Humanscale FM500 offers a curved design, which allows it to rock back and forth gently. On top of that, the surface is ever so slightly curved, providing a much better fit for your feet. 

The elliptical steel base of this footrest offers not only a special design, but also offers an ergonomic advantage compared to the linear plastic bases from its competitors. Its pivot area is right below your ankles, providing a more healthier and comfortable rotation compared to other footrests that have the pivot area around the center of the board. Although because of this, it tends to rock forward a bit more, which can get annoying, especially if you are not trying to move it. This is not a big issue, but over time it can get irritating when you are trying to adjust it constantly.

Usually, when it comes to footrests, the main goal of their design is to offer pressure relief from the back and your lower limbs. The Humanscale FM500 provides exactly that, and much more. Thanks to its elliptical base, users can rotate their feet back and forth. This improves and promotes blood circulation when you are sitting down for long periods of time. On top of that, it also provides a way to help your feet relax after a long time of standing or walking.

In terms of color, the Humanscale FM500 comes with two color schemes. The first one provides a cherry finish. This color offers a more vintage wood looking design, which is always nice to look at. Plus, it also has black spot grips on top look aesthetically pleasing, and are not out of place at all. The other color scheme offers an all-black surface, which gives it a more modern and classy look.

Overall, not only does the Humanscale FM500 footrest offer fantastic ergonomics, but it also provides a world-class design that is quite superior compared to some footrests available in the marketplace.

Build Quality

With regards to the construction of the Humanscale FM500, it provides arguably the most sturdy construction compared to other footrests. The materials used to manufacture this foot rest include steel, molded plywood, rubber, and die-cast aluminum. These all contribute to how durable it is.

Since its construction is world-class, it offers outstanding support for your feet. The steel and die-cast aluminum legs offer an extremely durable base that can hold you even when you are standing (although it is not recommended). The molded plywood is thick and sturdy. The rubber grips on the top offer a much firm grip to avoid any slipping of the feet. The rubber grips on the bottom of the legs, offer protection for hard floors. However, these can easily peel off after a certain period of time. If you are looking for a durable footrest, the Humanscale FM500 is the go-to of any type of platform for your feet.

It also offers a lot of room for your feet. The width of the footrest is measured at 16.75 inches while the length comes in at 12.25 inches. It provides enough space for any size and length of feet there is. That is another advantage of using it. On top of that, the foo rocker offers a generous height at 4.5 inches, which is fantastic for people who have shorter legs.

Overall, yes the Humanscale FM500 is expensive. However, once you look at the quality of construction and its design, it is well-worth the asking price. Plus, if you have not figured it out yet, it can offer rewarding benefits in the long run.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Humanscale FM500

Once again, it is a general rule when shopping that you need to consider not only the good sides of a product, but also its bad sides. For the Humanscale FM500 footrest, you need to examine a few areas where it lacks. Listed are the following factors that you need to think about before you press that “Add to Cart” button:

Alternative Products Similar to the Humanscale FM500

If you are looking for something that is a little less expensive, but offers about the same features, we have also taken the time to feature a few products that we think are fantastic alternatives to the Humanscale FM500.

The Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest offers amazing features at a very low price. When you get it from the box, you can instantly see that it has a massage surface. On top of that, like the Humanscale FM500, you can also tilt it back and forth easily. On top of that, it also offers a highly durable construction. Its frame is made of metal and its rubberized feet offer a firm grip on the floor while also being scratch-resistant. For those looking for a more inexpensive footrocker, this one’s for you.

Check out the Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest here

This footrest from Everlasting is probably one of the most popular footrests available. Why? Well, aside from the low price tag, it offers superb comfort for your feet. Unlike the FM500, the Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest does a lot more than rock the feet back and forth. Its design is meant to be multipurpose. You can set it up under your desk and use the memory foam side for heavenly comfort, or you can use the rubberized bottom part and instantly convert it into a rocking footrest. On top of that, thanks to its design, you can use it while you are lying down on your bed as a form of an incline rest for the back of the knee.

The HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk is the most inexpensive (but not by a huge margin) alternative to the Humanscale FM500. However, it more or less shares the same qualities as the Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest. It is only slightly taller compared to the Everlasting footrest. On top of that, the memory foam of the HOKEKI footrest is much firmer, providing fantastic support for your feet. It can also be converted into a rocker by simply turning it over. This is vital, especially when you are sitting down for long periods of time.


Sitting down for an extended period of time is proven to be detrimental. It blocks proper blood circulation, poor posture, and unnatural feet positioning. With the Humanscale FM500, it eliminates those negative effects instantly. It promotes movement because of its design, which freely lets your feet rock back and forth. Another excellent quality is the FM500’s durability, which can last you for a long time. Finally, the lifetime warranty is certainly a huge plus for any piece of office equipment. If interested in the Humanscale FM500, feel free to check it out for yourself here.

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