Top Quiet Mechanical Keyboards of 2023

September 19, 2023

Silence isn't just golden; it's the latest trend in mechanical keyboards!

As we venture into the tech-savvy landscape of 2023, the world of mechanical keyboards has embraced a quieter side, where stealthy typing meets precision performance. If you're in the market for a keyboard that lets you work, game, or write without waking the whole neighborhood, this guide is for you. 

In this guide, we'll be unveiling the cream of the crop – the top quiet mechanical keyboards that have taken the year by storm. From gaming marathons to midnight musings, these keyboards have proven that silence doesn't mean sacrificing the tactile joy of mechanical keys. Let's check out the world of quiet typing and explore the picks that are redefining the way we interact with our digital domains.

Top recommendations for the best quiet mechanical keyboards of 2023

Alright, time to dive into the nitty-gritty of some awesome silent mechanical keyboards! Searching for the best silent keyboard for programming, gaming, typing, or browsing? Check out these quick snapshots of these great keyboards on the market – they've got all the cool specs you need to know.

  1. Ducky One 2 Mini
  • Size: 60% compact layout
  • Switch Options: Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Silent Brown
  • RGB Lighting: Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Additional Features: Detachable USB Type-C cable, PBT keycaps, multiple layers of programmability
  1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile
  • Size: Full-sized keyboard
  • Switch Options: Cherry MX Low Profile Red, Cherry MX Low Profile Speed
  • RGB Lighting: Customizable per-key RGB backlighting
  • Additional Features: Aluminum frame, dedicated media controls, USB pass-through port
  1. Logitech G Pro X
  • Size: Compact layout (Tenkeyless)
  • Hot-Swappable: Yes (supports Logitech G switches)
  • RGB Lighting: Customizable per-key RGB lighting
  • Additional Features: Detachable micro USB cable, customizable game mode
  1. SteelSeries Apex Pro
  • Size: Full-sized keyboard
  • Adjustable Actuation: OmniPoint adjustable mechanical switches
  • RGB Lighting: Customizable per-key RGB backlighting
  • Additional Features: Aluminum frame, customizable OLED Smart Display, magnetic wrist rest
  1. Hexgears Impulse
  • Size: Full-sized keyboard
  • Switch Options: Various options including quiet switches
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth and wired USB
  • Additional Features: Dual connectivity, customizable RGB lighting, dedicated media controls
  1. Keychron K6
  • Size: Compact layout (65%)
  • Switch Options: Gateron Low Profile switches (various options)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 and wired USB-C
  • Additional Features: Hot-swappable, adjustable feet, RGB backlighting
  1. Varmilo VA87M
  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Various options including Cherry MX Silent Red
  • Additional Features: Customizable keycap options, PBT keycaps, detachable cable
  1. Leopold FC750R PD
  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Cherry MX Silent Red
  • Additional Features: High-quality build, PBT keycaps, detachable cable
  1. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Quiet
  • Size: Full-sized keyboard
  • Switch Options: Cherry MX Silent Red
  • Additional Features: Dedicated media controls, aluminum top panel, two-port USB 3.0 hub
  1. Durgod Taurus K320
  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Various options, including Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Silent Black, and Gateron Silent Red
  • Additional Features: Detachable USB Type-C cable, aluminum top case, adjustable feet, dual-layer PCB, NKRO/6KRO switchable mode, white LED backlighting
  1. Razer BlackWidow Lite
  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Razer Orange switches
  • Additional Features: White LED backlighting, compact design, detachable cable, compatible with Razer Synapse software

Wireless Mechanical Keyboards for a Quiet Gaming Experience

Looking for a quiet keyboard best suited for gaming? Let's now explore wireless mechanical keyboards that'll enhance your silent gaming experience.

  1. Keychron K8
  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Gateron Low Profile Red, Gateron Low Profile Brown, Gateron Low Profile Blue (with dampeners)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 and wired USB-C
  • Backlighting: RGB backlighting with customizable effects
  • Additional Features: Hot-swappable switches, adjustable feet, compatible with macOS and Windows
  1. Logitech G915 Lightspeed
  • Size: Full-sized keyboard
  • Switch Options: GL Tactile, GL Linear (both options are quiet)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Lightspeed wireless technology and Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hours (RGB lighting off), up to 12 days (no backlight)
  • Backlighting: RGB LIGHTSYNC customizable backlighting
  • Additional Features: Low-profile design, dedicated media controls, customizable macro keys
  1. Corsair K63 Wireless
  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Cherry MX Red (quiet linear)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless with 1ms report rate
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours with backlighting, up to 75 hours without backlighting
  • Backlighting: Blue LED backlighting
  • Additional Features: Compact design, dedicated media controls, detachable wrist rest
  1. Anne Pro 2

  • Size: Compact layout (60%)
  • Switch Options: Gateron Silent Red, Gateron Silent Brown
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 and wired USB-C
  • Backlighting: RGB backlighting with customizable effects
  • Additional Features: Programmable keys, PBT keycaps, adjustable feet, compatible with Windows and macOS
  1. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro:
  • Size: Full-sized keyboard
  • Switch Options: Razer Yellow Mechanical Switches (quiet linear)
  • Wireless Connectivity: HyperSpeed wireless technology and Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: Up to 192 hours (Bluetooth), up to 133 hours (HyperSpeed)
  • Backlighting: Razer Chroma RGB backlighting
  • Additional Features: Dedicated media controls, customizable macros, ergonomic wrist rest

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards for 2023

Do you want a cool mechanical keyboard designed for gaming or typing but you're tightening your belt? Well, worry not! For those who are tight on the budget, there are excellent choices out there that won't break the bank.

  1. Redragon K552 KUMARA

  • Size: Tenkeyless layout (TKL keyboard)
  • Switch Options: Outemu Red (quiet linear)
  • Backlighting: Red LED backlighting
  • Additional Features: Compact design, durable metal and ABS construction, anti-ghosting, splash-resistant design.
  1. E-Element Z-88
  • Size: Compact layout (75%)
  • Switch Options: Outemu Brown (quiet tactile)
  • Backlighting: RGB backlighting with customizable effects
  • Additional Features: Hot-swappable switches, durable design, customizable key lighting and effects.
  1. Ajazz AK33

  • Size: Compact layout (75%)
  • Switch Options: Outemu Brown (quiet tactile)
  • Backlighting: White LED backlighting
  • Additional Features: Durable design, compact form factor, customizable lighting modes.
  • Size: Compact layout (60%)
  • Switch Options: Outemu Red (quiet linear)
  • Backlighting: RGB backlighting with customizable effects
  • Additional Features: Compact and portable design, customizable lighting and macros.
  1. RK61
  • Size: Compact layout (60%)
  • Switch Options: Various options including quiet switches
  • Backlighting: RGB backlighting with customizable effects
  • Additional Features: Bluetooth 5.1 and wired connectivity, hot-swappable switches, compact and portable design.
  1. Velocifire TKL02WS
  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Brown Switches (quiet tactile)
  • Backlighting: White LED backlighting
  • Additional Features: Wireless connectivity, ergonomic design, compact form factor.
  1. Havit HV-KB390L

  • Size: Tenkeyless layout
  • Switch Options: Kailh Low Profile Red (quiet linear)
  • Backlighting: White LED backlighting
  • Additional Features: Low-profile design, slim and portable, compatibility with Windows and macOS.
  1. EagleTec KG011-RGB

Buy Now Section Text: Upgrade your gaming with our RGB mechanical keyboard—customize lighting and enjoy crystal-clear keycaps for style and precision.

  • Size: Full-sized keyboard
  • Switch Options: Outemu Brown (quiet tactile)
  • Backlighting: RGB backlighting with customizable effects
  • Additional Features: Durable build, numeric keypad, customizable lighting effects.

What are mechanical keyboards and why are they popular?

You've probably heard of mechanical keyboards, but do you really know what they are and why they're so popular? In this discussion, we'll delve into the world of mechanical keyboards, exploring their unique features, benefits, and why they might be the perfect fit for your gaming or typing needs.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are a type of keyboard that uses individual mechanical switches for each key. Each key on these keyboards has its own mechanical switch underneath. When you press a key, these switches work like mini-springs, giving you a nice bouncy feel and making a satisfying click sound.

Why are mechanical keyboards popular?

Mechanical keyboards are totally the bee's knees these days. Here's why:

  1. Feel the typing vibes: These keyboards give you this awesome "bump" feedback when you hit a key. It's like your fingers are getting a little high-five with each press. And it feels way better than those mushy regular keyboards.
  2. Built to survive: Mechanical keyboards are like the superheroes of the keyboard world. They can take a beating with millions of keystrokes and still come out swinging. You won't be replacing these bad boys anytime soon.
  3. Make it yours: You know how you can customize your phone wallpaper? Well, mechanical keyboards take it up a notch. You can swap out keycaps, change the switches, and make it look as cool as you want.
  4. Switch variety: It's like a buffet of typing feels. Some switches are all about that satisfying click sound. Others are smooth operators. You pick the flavor that suits your typing style.
  5. Gamers, listen up: Gamers swear by these keyboards. They're quick to respond and can handle you mashing multiple keys at once (try doing that on a regular keyboard without going crazy).
  6. Looks matter: Mechanical keyboards come in all sorts of designs. You can even have keys that light up like a disco party thanks to RGB backlighting. It's like adding a personal touch to your typing HQ.
  7. Typing bliss: That bump feedback? It's not just for show. It actually makes typing more comfy and less tiring, especially when you're writing a novel.
  8. Nostalgia and cool factor: Mechanical keyboards have this throwback vibe to the OG computer days. Plus, they're kind of a big deal among folks who type a lot or geek out about keyboards.
  9. Fewer oops moments: The tactile feedback helps you know when a keypress registers, so you make fewer typos. It's like typing with a built-in proofreader.
  10. Lookin' Fancy: These keyboards can be a bit pricier, but they're like the designer bags of the keyboard world. Owning one can make you feel like a true keyboard connoisseur.

To put it simply, the top mechanical keyboards bring the joy of typing to a whole new level with their feel-good vibes, durability, and style.

What are the disadvantages of using a mechanical keyboard?

Here's the scoop on the not-so-great stuff about mechanical keyboards. Keep these quirks in mind while you decide if a mechanical keyboard is your cup of tea. It's all about balancing the pros and cons with your personal keyboard style.

  1. Clickety-clack noise: Those satisfying clicks? Well, they might drive your pals crazy in a quiet room. Not everyone's a fan of the keyboard concert.
  2. Price tag pinch: These keyboards can be a bit pricier than regular ones. You're paying for the good stuff, but it might hit your wallet harder.
  3. New kid on the block: If you're used to mushy keyboards, switching to mechanical might throw you off. It's like learning to dance to a new tune – takes time to get in the groove.
  4. Hefty and chunky: Mechanical keyboards can be a bit bulky. If you're on the move a lot or tight on space, lugging one around might be a workout.
  5. Dust and dirt collector: Dust bunnies love to hide between those switches. Keeping your keyboard clean becomes a mini-quest for cleanliness.
  6. Not library-friendly: Even the quietest switches can't match the stealthy silence of rubber dome keyboards. If you're in a hush-hush place, it might get you some annoying glares.
  7. Limited choices in some places: Finding a dreamy mechanical keyboard might be harder, depending on where you live. It's like searching for treasure in a not-so-treasure-y place.
  8. Customization puzzle: While you can pimp out your keyboard, it's not always a walk in the park. It's like assembling a cool LEGO set – fun but a bit challenging.
  9. Finger fatigue warning: Pounding those keys all day might tire out your fingers. It's like doing a marathon for your digits.

What makes a mechanical keyboard quiet?

You might be wondering how quiet mechanical keyboards differ from their louder counterparts and what makes them hush down the clicks. We'll delve into the types of switches commonly used in these silent soldiers and whether there are any trade-offs to enjoy that peace and quiet.

How do quiet mechanical keyboards differ from regular mechanical keyboards?

Quiet mechanical keyboards and regular (non-quiet) mechanical keyboards share many similarities in terms of their underlying mechanics, such as the individual switches for each key. However, there are key differences that set them apart:

Switch style: The big difference is in how they handle switches – the tiny magic things under the keys. Quiet ones have switches that keep their cool by dampening the noise they make when you type. Regular ones? Well, they might make a bit more ruckus.

Volume check: So, quiet mechanical keyboards are like the stealth ninjas of typing. They won't wake up your pet or disturb your office buddies with those loud keyboard symphonies.

The feels: Both give you a little bump when you press a key, but quiet switches might feel a tad softer or less snappy than their regular counterparts. It's like the difference between a soft high-five and a solid one.

Typing adventure: The experience of typing on both can be a bit different. Some folks like the clicky feel of regular ones, while others dig the hush-hush vibes of quiet ones.

Switch variety: There's a bit more variety in the switch buffet of regular mechanical keyboards. But for quiet ones, the options might be a bit limited since not all switches get the hush-hush makeover.

What types of switches are commonly used in quiet mechanical keyboards?

Quiet mechanical keyboards use special switches that keep things down low when you're typing away. Here are some switch flavors commonly used to make that happen:

  1. Cherry MX Silent Red: These switches are a quieter version of the popular Cherry MX Red switches. They offer a smooth keystroke with a gentle bump and no audible click. The "silent" design minimizes the noise produced when the key is pressed and released.
  2. Cherry MX Silent Black: Similar to the Cherry MX Silent Red, these switches are a quieter variant of the Cherry MX Black switches. They provide a linear keystroke without a tactile bump or click, offering a quiet typing experience.
  3. Cherry MX Silent Brown: These switches are based on the Cherry MX Brown design, which provides a tactile bump without an audible click. The "silent" modification reduces the noise level, making them suitable for quieter environments.
  4. Gateron Silent Red: Gateron switches are known for their smooth keystrokes. The Gateron Silent Red switches, like their Cherry counterparts, offer a quiet and smooth typing experience with no audible click.
  5. Gateron Silent Brown: Similar to the Gateron Silent Red, these switches provide a tactile bump without the noise of a click. They offer a more muted typing sound compared to their non-silent counterparts.
  6. Topre Silent Switches: Topre switches are electrostatic capacitive switches known for their unique feel. The "silent" versions of these switches include dampening mechanisms to reduce noise, providing a more muted typing sound.
  7. Razer Orange Switch: Razer's Orange switches are designed to be tactile and quiet. They offer a gentle bump with no audible click, making them suitable for those who want a quieter typing experience.
  8. SteelSeries QX2: These switches are engineered by SteelSeries and are designed to be both quiet and responsive. They provide a smooth keystroke with tactile feedback while minimizing noise.

These switches vary in terms of feel, actuation force, and noise level, so choosing the right one for you depends on your personal typing preferences. Keep in mind that keyboard manufacturers might also have their own proprietary switches designed for quietness, so it's a good idea to test out different options.

Are there any drawbacks to using a quiet mechanical keyboard?

Even the coolest things have their downsides. Using a quiet mechanical keyboard comes with a few hitches:

  1. Different feel: Quiet switches might feel slightly different compared to regular ones. The typing experience might be softer or less snappy, which some users might not prefer.
  2. Limited variety: While there are choices, the range of quiet switches isn't as vast as that of regular mechanical switches. So, you might have fewer flavors to pick from.
  3. Less click satisfaction: If you're into that satisfying click sound, quiet switches might not scratch that itch. They're all about the hush-hush, so you sacrifice that audible feedback.
  4. Not completely silent: While they're quieter than regular mechanical keyboards, "quiet" switches might still produce some noise. If you're aiming for ninja-level silence, you might need to compromise a bit.
  5. Cost: Sometimes, quiet mechanical keyboards can be a tad pricier than regular ones. You're paying for the tech that muffles the sound, which can hit your wallet a bit harder.
  6. Tougher to find: If you're in the market for a specific quiet mechanical keyboard model, the hunt might be a bit more challenging compared to regular options.
  7. Learning curve: If you're switching from a regular keyboard, it might take a moment to get used to the new feel of quiet switches. It's like getting used to a new pair of shoes – comfy but different.

Factors to consider when choosing a quiet mechanical keyboard

Looking for a keyboard? Picking the best silent mechanical keyboard is like building your dream setup. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Switch flair: The switches are like the soul of your keyboard. Go for quiet champs like Cherry MX Silent or Gateron Silent to keep things peaceful.
  2. Shhh...noise level: Not all "quiet" keyboards are library-level hush-hush. Check out reviews to make sure you're not accidentally signing up for a keyboard concert.
  3. Feel the vibes: Do you want a soft caress or a bit of a tap? Different switches give different feels – linear, tactile, or clicky. Choose what tickles your fancy.
  4. Size matters: When it comes to mechanical keyboards, they come in all sizes – full-sized, tenkeyless, compact. Pick one that fits your desk and style.
  5. Rock-solid build: Sturdy materials mean your keyboard can take a beating. Metal frames and tough plastics are your friends.
  6. Shine bright: Backlighting can make your keyboard look rad in the dark. Choose between a disco of colors or something simpler.
  7. Wires or freedom: Do you like the cord or want to cut it? Wireless mechanical keyboards offer you more freedom, but don't forget to keep them charged.
  8. Cool extras: Volume knobs, macros, and adjustable feet are like the cherry on top. Look for features that make your keyboard unique.
  9. Keycap magic: Good types of keycaps mean comfy typing and a keyboard that still looks fly after lots of use. Look for double-shot PBT for that extra oomph.
  10. Bucks for the bang: Decide how much you want to spend. Quality and features vary, so find the sweet spot between your wallet and your wish list.
  11. Hear from the crowd: Check what others are saying in reviews. Real people spill the beans on the keyboard's real-world performance.
  12. Brand mojo: Stick with brands that have street cred for making top-notch keyboards.
  13. Make it yours: If you're feeling artsy, look for keyboards that let you swap switches or deck out the keycaps.
  14. Feel the fingers: If you can, try out the keyboard in-store or check out reviews. You'll get a vibe for how the keys treat your fingers.

What are other ways to make your mechanical keyboard quiet?

If you're looking to hush up your mechanical keyboard even more, here are a few tricks to dial down the noise:

  1. O-Rings: These little rubber rings can be added to the base of each keycap. They absorb the impact when you bottom out a key, reducing the "clack" sound. They also give the keys a softer landing, which can be gentler on your fingers.
  2. Silent switches: If you're up for a DIY adventure, you can replace your keyboard's switches with silent variants. These are designed to minimize noise from both pressing and releasing keys.
  3. Sound dampening mods: Some keyboards allow you to add foam or dampening material inside the case to absorb sound vibrations. Improving keyboards with mods is like giving your keyboard a cozy blanket to muffle its chit-chat.
  4. Lubing: Applying a special keyboard lubricant to the switches can help reduce the noise of the moving parts inside. It's a bit like oiling a squeaky door hinge.
  5. Desk mat or soft surface: Placing your keyboard on a soft surface like a desk mat or a cloth can help dampen the noise of the key presses.
  6. Piano felt: Some DIY enthusiasts use piano felt to line the inside of the keyboard case. It's a creative way to add a layer of sound absorption.
  7. Typing technique: Adjust your typing technique to avoid bottoming out the keys with force. This can naturally reduce the impact noise.
  8. Software settings: Some gaming keyboards come with software that allows you to adjust the debounce time or key repeat rate. Tweaking these settings can minimize noise.
  9. Custom keycaps: Premium keycap sets might have dampening material built in. Swapping out your keycaps could lead to a quieter typing experience.

Each method might have different effects on the feel and performance of your keyboard, so try a combination of techniques to find the perfect level of quietness without sacrificing typing comfort.


And that's a wrap! As we dive into the quiet keyboard scene of 2023, it's clear that silence has never been so satisfying. The benefits of a mechanical keyboard that is quiet are simply awesome! From stealthy switches to designs that rock both style and substance, these keyboards prove you can keep it quiet without giving up the game. You can also build your own mechanical keyboard.

So, whether you're coding 'til dawn or ruling virtual realms under your desk lamp's glow, these silent keyboards for gaming and typing have your back. It's a world where tranquility meets precision. Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts consider them not just tools but trusty partners in the art of hushed typing magic.

Chris Greiner, a Mechanical Keyboard specialist, boasts a solid educational background with dual bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Business Management from Lewis University. His additional certification in Mechanical Keyboard Design showcases his dedication to staying on the forefront of keyboard technology. Chris primarily writes for keyboard enthusiasts and has been featured on platforms like Jestik, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the mechanical keyboard community.
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