Top Quiet Switches for Your Keyboard

July 27, 2023

Are you annoyed at the noisy sounds while you pound on your keyboard? Are you looking for a keyboard that won't disturb your peace and quiet in your workplace or gaming space? Then you need quiet switches for your keyboard.

Whether you're a gamer, an office worker, or someone who simply prefers a silent typing experience, we've got you covered.

There are several excellent quiet switches on the market such as:

  • Gateron Silent Switches
  • Durock Shrimp Silent Tactiles
  • Khalil Silent Pink Switches
  • ZealPC Zilent V2 Switches
  • Matias Quiet Linear Switches
  • Cherry MX Silent Red/Black switches

All of these switches are known for their smooth and quiet operation.

But it doesn't stop there! We'll also discuss how to make your keyboard even quieter through:

  • Keyboard case material
  • Additional modifications like dampeners, lubrication, and O-rings

Keep reading to discover how to make working and gaming a beautiful and quiet experience.

What are the quietest keyboard switches?

If you're looking for the quietest keyboard switches, there are several options to consider. The following switches are ranked to be the most silent ones in the market.

Cherry MX Silent Red switches provide a great balance between quiet operation and tactile feedback.

Gateron Silent switches are known for their smoothness and low noise output, making them a popular choice for quiet environments.

Kailh Box Silent Pink switches offer a unique combination of silent operation and a satisfying tactile feel.

Matias Quiet Linear switches are specifically designed for low typing sound, making them ideal for quiet office spaces.

Lastly, Gateron Silent Red switches are another excellent choice for a quiet keyboard experience.

Cherry MX Silent Red

When considering a quiet switch option for your keyboard, Cherry MX Silent Red is a popular choice due to its rubber dampening for noise reduction while still maintaining a tactile feel. These linear switches are specifically designed to minimize typing sound in quiet environments, making them ideal for office settings or situations where noise reduction is essential.

The rubber dampening feature reduces the noise produced when the key is pressed, creating a quieter typing experience. Despite being a quiet switch, Cherry MX Silent Reds still provide a satisfying tactile feedback, ensuring a pleasant typing experience.

If you're looking for a quiet switch for your mechanical keyboard that combines noise reduction and tactile feel, the Cherry MX Silent Red switches are definitely worth considering.

Gateron Silent

Gateron Silent switches offer a satisfying, quiet, and smooth typing experience. These mechanical switches are known for their quiet operation, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a quieter typing experience.

Gateron Silent switches are designed to minimize noise while providing a tactile and responsive feel. With their silent cushion pads, these switches significantly reduce the sound produced when typing.

Whether you use your keyboard for work, gaming, or any other purpose, Gateron Silent switches are a fantastic option for those looking to minimize noise while maintaining accuracy, consistency, and speed as they type.

Gateron Silent switches are available in different options. These include Gateron Silent Black, Silent Brown, and Silent Red. The Silent Red, similar to Cherry MX Silent Red, provides a linear feel with a light actuation force. This makes them among the best quiet switches for fast typing.

Kailh Box Silent Pink

The Kailh Box Silent Pink switches provide a smooth feel and sound. Like the Cherry MX Silent Red, these switches are an excellent choice for those who value a quieter keyboard but still want to experience that tactile feedback.

The Kailh Box Silent Pink switches are made with internally installed silicon dampers that are designed to reduce noise and vibrations. The quiet operation makes them ideal for quiet environments such as offices or shared spaces. The Kailh Box Silent Pink switches are also pre-lubed to ensure smooth key presses.

They also have a unique design that prevents the keycaps from wobbling or becoming loose, ensuring a stable and consistent typing experience.

These switches are compatible with most mechanical keyboards, so you can easily upgrade your current keyboard without trouble.

Overall, the Kailh Box Silent Pink switches are a great option if you're looking for a quiet and enjoyable typing experience.

Matias Quiet Linear

Unlike other switches, the Matias Quiet Linear switches do not have tactile feedback, resulting in a smoother and quieter typing experience. The switches have rubber dampening pads to further reduce noise, ensuring that your keystrokes are barely audible.

These silent linear switches allow your fingers to glide through the keyboard, which makes typing faster and smoother. This is a boon for fast typers like writers, bloggers, salesmen, students, and more.

Matias Quiet Linear switches are durable, so your investment in these silent mechanical switches is worth it.

With these switches, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful working environment without disturbing others around you.

Gateron Silent Red

Gateron switches are some of the best silent switches in the industry. These switches are specifically designed to minimize noise while providing a smooth and satisfying typing experience.

Gateron Silent Red switches are quiet mechanical keyboard switches that make them ideal for quiet environments such as offices, libraries, or classrooms. Quiet late-night gaming sessions that won't disturb the entire household become a reality with these silent keyboard switches.

Gateron Silent Red switches have a linear switch design with a light actuation force, making them easy to press. The light actuation force of 45 g also reduces finger fatigue during extended typing sessions. Typing across the keyboard feels smooth and silent.

The Gateron Silent Reds are also compatible with various keyboard layouts and can be easily swapped into most mechanical keyboards.

How to make your keyboard even quieter?

If you want to make your keyboard even quieter, there are a few things you can try.

Use O-rings to dampen the sound

Use O-rings for a quieter typing experience. O-rings are small rubber rings that can be placed on the stem of each keycap to reduce the noise produced when the key is pressed. They act as a cushion to absorb impact and prevent the keycap from hitting the switch housing with full force. This helps to minimize the 'clack' sound that mechanical keyboards are known for.

O-rings are easy to install and can make a noticeable difference in the overall noise level of your keyboard.

Lubricate the switches

Lubricating the switches provides a smoother and quieter operation for your keyboard. Lubricating your switches can significantly reduce the friction and noise produced when typing.

It also prevents the keys from getting stuck, which usually happens when the switches become grimy.

When choosing a lubricant, it's important to use a thin and lightweight lubricant specifically designed for mechanical switches. Don't use grease or machine oil; they can damage the internal workings of the key switch.

Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for the best results.

Install sound-absorbing foam

Sound-absorbing foam is a simple and effective solution for quieting your keyboard. It works by absorbing the sound and vibration generated when you press the keys. The foam is usually placed inside the keyboard case between the PCB and the case itself.

It's an easy and affordable way to make your keyboard more suitable for quiet environments like offices or libraries.

Choose a keyboard with a low-profile design

Low-profile keyboards are thinner and more compact, resulting in a sleek and modern aesthetic.

The low-profile design lessens the distance your fingers have to travel between keys, resulting in less strain on your wrists and fingers. Additionally, the shorter key travel distance can lead to faster and more accurate typing.

Whether you're typing up documents, coding, or gaming, a low-profile keyboard can provide a quiet and satisfying typing experience.

Replace your keyboard's stock switches with silent switches

You can replace your present key switches with silent switches. After all, many of the components of a mechanical keyboard are designed to be swappable and replaceable.

There are several options available to ensure a quiet environment. Opt for switches like Durock Silent Linears or Durock Shrimp Silent Tactiles for a smooth and quiet typing experience.

Other options to consider include WS Silent Linears, ZealPC Zilent V2, Matias Quiet Linear, and Cherry MX Silent Red/Black. These switches are specifically designed to reduce noise while maintaining a satisfying tactile feel.

What are the features of quiet switches for keyboards?

When looking for quiet switches for your keyboard, you'll want to consider several key features.

Silent operation

The use of silent switches, along with case materials such as aluminum or steel, can significantly reduce the noise output of a mechanical keyboard.

Silent switches, like ZealPC Healios and Zilents, are specifically designed to minimize the sound produced when typing. These switches have rubber dampening pads and smooth actuation, allowing for a quieter typing experience.

Using a keyboard with a case made of heavier materials like aluminum or steel can further dampen the sound. These materials absorb vibrations and prevent them from resonating, resulting in a quieter keyboard.

Smooth linear or tactile typing feel

When it comes to quiet switches, you have two options: smooth linear or tactile typing feel. Smooth linear switches provide a smooth, consistent, and fluid keystroke without any tactile feedback. They are ideal for those who prefer silky-smooth and fast typing.

Tactile switches offer a subtle bump or tactile feedback upon actuation, making you feel each key press. This provides a more comfortable and satisfying feel as you type or play a game.

No audible click sound

For a truly silent typing experience, use switches with no audible click sound such as the Cherry Blue and Novelkeys Sherbet. As their name implies, these keys produce loud clicking noises as you press them.

Opt for smooth linear switches that provide a seamless typing feel without any audible feedback.

Some great options to consider are the ZealPC Healios and Zilents switches. These switches are known for their silence and offer a buttery-smooth typing experience.

Compatible with various keyboard types

Most mechanical Outemo switches are compatible with various types of keyboards. Whether you have a compact 60% keyboard or a full-sized one, there are quiet switches that can meet your needs.

Durock Silent Linears, Durock Shrimp Silent Tactiles, WS Silent Linears, ZealPC Zilent V2, Matias Quiet Linear, or Cherry MX Silent Red/Black switches are just some examples of industry-standard, compatible switches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other methods to make a mechanical keyboard quieter besides adding dampeners, lubricating switches, and O-rings?

You can try using foam or Sorbothane inside the keyboard case to dampen sound. Using a desk mat or keyboard mat can help reduce noise.

Can you recommend any keyboards that are specifically designed for a quiet linear typing experience?

For a keyboard specifically designed for a quiet linear typing experience, you can consider the Ducky One 2 Mini or the Durgod K320. These keyboards are recommended for gaming and office use respectively.

What are the advantages of using heavier materials like aluminum, steel, or acrylic for the keyboard case?

Heavier materials like aluminum, steel, or acrylic for the keyboard case dampen sound effectively, resulting in a quieter typing experience. Additionally, they provide a more solid and premium feel to the keyboard.

Are there any silent switch options that offer a tactile typing experience?

Yes. Some recommended options include Durock Shrimp Silent Tactiles, ZealPC Zilent V2, and Matias Quiet Linear switches. These switches provide a tactile feel while minimizing noise.

Are there any new and improved silent mechanical keyboard switches that have been released in 2023?

There have been several new and improved silent mechanical keyboard switches released in 2023. Some popular options include the Durock Silent Linears, ZealPC Healios, and Zilents. These switches offer a quiet typing experience without sacrificing tactile feedback.


If you're looking for a quiet keyboard switch, there are several great options available. These switches help maintain the silent environment that you've always wanted. Additional components like dampeners, lubrication, and O-rings make your keyboard even quieter, immersing you in a peaceful, quiet world.

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